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Group Therapy

Apart from individual psychotherapy and counselling,I also offer group therapy.


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Low Cost Support Group

The group offers emotional support to anyone on a low income or unemployed.  The group can help with feelings of isolation & loss of direction.  

Group Meeting Location: Sandyford Wellness Centre 
Group Meeting Times:  Once weekly  9.30am-10.3am.

Single Parent 
Support group

The support group offers emotional support to single parents.  Each individual can talk openly & safely about any issues and difficulties regarding being a single parent.  Meeting like minded people, each group member can offer different perspectives, practical & emotional support.

Group Meeting Location: Sandyford Wellness Centre 
Group Meeting Times: Once weekly  9.30am-11am.

Process Group

This kind of group therapy can help each individual to gain different perspectives, support, feedback & encouragement.  The group process can help each individual better understand themselves with regard to relationships.  Gaining a deeper awareness of your own behaviours, reactions, feelings & will enable each individual to make healthy & adaptive choices in their lives. 

Group Meeting Location: Sandyford Wellness Centre 
Group Meeting Times:  Once weekly evening times

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Do I need Counselling? 

Have you been thinking about having Psychotherapy/ Counselling for a while? The decision to seek help with a therapist is a personal choice. 
You may find Psychotherapy and Counselling truly useful, healing and empowering regardless of your personal situation. 

If you are unsure what path to take and which treatment would benefit you, book a free no-obligation consultation with me today.